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Gas Prices on Kauai and Ways to Save Money

Do you ever consider gas prices when you’re planning your visit to Kauai or how to get around the island? According to AAA Gas Prices, Kauai County’s average gas price today is the highest in the state, at $4.595 per gallon, followed by $4.457 per gallon in Hawaii County, $4.444 per gallon in Maui County, and $4.272 per gallon in the City and County of Honolulu. In comparison, today’s AAA national average is $3.409 per gallon, more than $1 cheaper per gallon than Kauai’s prices.
Average Gas Prices as of November 2021
Kauai County $ 4.595 per gallon
Hawaii County $ 4.457 per gallon
Maui County $ 4.444 per gallon
City & County of Honolulu $ 4.272 per gallon
AAA National Average $ 3.409 per gallon

There are several reasons why gas prices are considerably higher in the State of Hawaii compared to the rest of the Country. We’re extremely remote, there’s less competition, and demand for gas in Hawaii is strong.

Kauai is relatively small, and most people are not traveling long distances on the day-to-day, but tourists generally don’t fall into that bucket, and still so many residents pay more than 30% of their income on housing and transportation. Some ways that residents and visitors can save money on gas include:

  • Carpool and share rides
  • Combine trips and plan routes
  • Reduce your idle time
  • Drive steadily and glide into your stops
  • Cut down on AC use and open windows
  • Use a rewards credit card when paying for gas
There are also ways to move around the island that don’t require you to fill up your gas tank, which you may consider when planning a portion of your trips.

In our opinion, the most cost-effective method of transportation is riding the Kauai Bus, with mainline general-public fares being $2.00/trip, and shuttle fares being $0.50/trip. Riders can also purchase a one-day pass at $5.00, a monthly pass at $50.00, and an annual pass at $550.00. Students, senior citizens, and peoples with disabilities qualify for discounted rates at half the price. The Kauai Bus website has a driving cost calculator tool that can help commuters estimate their monthly and annual costs of driving to work, and how much money they’d save by taking the bus instead.

Beyond taking the bus, travelers may consider riding a bike or walking for short trips when safe and reasonable. There are also multiple area shuttle options on the island that have planned routes or can bring passengers straight to their destination. You can find more information on our website in the Transportation Options page and the Without a Car page. While there may be trips around the island when a car is needed for one reason or another, we urge you to reconsider those shorter trips where you may not need a car – where you can walk to the store, catch a ride to the bus stop and take the bus to work, or bike to the beach. Not only will you save on gas money, you’ll also gain the health benefits from using active modes of transportation, as well as reduce your carbon load having one less car on the road.