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How to Get Around Kaua'i E komo mai There are so many ways to move around the island. Find helpful resources throughout this site to GET AROUND KAUA'I Kapaa bike path on Kauai Explore Your Transportation Options Making Sustainable Travel Choices Review important information on traveling to Kaua'i and discover the many ways of getting around Kauai as a resident and visitor. Aloha begins with you It’s Our Kuleana to Respect Kaua'i Take a moment to hear from a local about how to respect the island and it’s people, and enjoy your visit in a safe and responsible way.

Explore the pages within this website to find the transportation options for you. 


Steps to Reserve a Shuttle

Schedule your shuttle BEFORE you arrive to guarantee space and to save time.


Pick a Date

Choose your date of arrival and departure.

Reserve A Shuttle

Book your shuttle for the number in your party.


Receive confirmation of booking.

Catch Your Ride!

Meet shuttle at designated location.
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Getting Around Kaua'i

On Kauai, there are several options for ground transportation:

  • Shuttle Service
  • Public Transportation
  • Taxi Service
  • Ride Shares

You can get around Kauai without a personal vehicle.

  • Area Shuttles
  • Bike Rentals
  • Walking Guides

Take a moment to review how to be a respectful visitor, and check out the latest transportation news.

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