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Highway and Road Closures

Want to be informed about Kauai’s highway and road closures? There are a few resources you should be aware of during your time on island.

  1. Highways: The Hawai‘i Department of Transportation manages the State’s highway network. Go to to see updates on scheduled Kaua‘i lane closures and projects. The State updates this page every Friday for all the Hawaiian islands.
  2. Roads: The County of Kauai manages Kauai’s road network. Sign up for press release updates for scheduled road closures on our website,, or visit our County Facebook Page for 24/7 news.
  3. Traffic Alerts and Accidents: The County of Kauai Public Information Officer is an admin for the Kauai Traffic Alerts Facebook Group, where you can find shared updates from the HDOT and County Facebook Pages, as well as community-reported live updates about alerts and accidents that may cause highway and road closures.

Use these links to plan your days and activities around closure times, and avoid the frustration of sitting in traffic.