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Aunty Lani Walaau’s About Kaua‘i’s Traffic Conundrum

Nobody enjoys sitting in traffic, but as how laulau-at least right now!  On Kauai, most people travel around the island in their own vehicles and so we have high traffic volume specific times.  So my honeys…….we ask that if you can, you try NOT to travel during these times.  You not going anywhere fast anyway!

We have our morning and afternoon rush hour when residents are heading between work and home, doing school drop offs, grocery runs, and other kine stuff.  At the same time visitors are getting an early start making their way out for a full day of adventures and then heading back to chillax at their hotels. Other busy times are during lunch hours and early evening in certain areas of the island. Aunty like give you some tips about where you should avoid so you not stuck in traffic!

You can expect traffic and congestion around the below times and locations:


  • Monday – Friday: Southbound Kapaa – Lihue
    • Congestion between Leong’s Meat House – Big Save and by Kauai Beach Resort
  • Monday – Friday: Northbound Tree Tunnel – Lihue
  • Saturday: Northbound Lihue – Kapaa
  • Sunday: Southbound Kapaa – Lihue

Lunch Time:

  • Monday – Friday: Southbound Kapaa – Lihue
    • Congestion around Big Save, and between Safeway – Wailua River
  • Monday – Friday: Lihue
  • Saturday: Northbound Lihue – Kapaa
  • Sunday: Southbound Kapaa – Lihue

Afternoon and Evening:

  • Monday – Friday: Northbound Lihue – Kapaa
    • Congestion around the airport going east on Ahukini and north on the highway
    • Congestion between Lydgate and through Kapaa Town to Kealia
  • Monday – Friday: Westbound Kauai Community College – Tree Tunnel
  • Monday – Friday: Southbound Kapaa – Wailua
    • Congestion between Kapaa Bypass, through Kapaa Town, and to Coconut Marketplace and Wailua River
  • Monday – Friday: Northbound Hanalei Bridge
  • Saturday and Sunday: Southbound Kapaa – Lihue

One more ting.  If get one accident, just chill out and find something else to do.  We ALL gotta wait it out and be grateful wasn’t us!

Aunty asks you to please help the traffic problem by choosing public transit or a private shuttle, renting a bike or walking to your destination if it’s safe and possible. For more information, visit our transportation options tab at!